GODDESS PROVISIONS Subscription Box Review: January 2018

Goddess Provisions is a monthly “good vibes” style box.  Each month they send a mix of crystals, aromatherapy, superfoods, and beauty & spiritual tools to help keep you balanced and focused on life’s journey.

cost – $33/Month

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Goddess Provisions also provides several boxes available for purchase without a subscription. See those here.

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Creative Vision!

Goddess Provisions always provides us with this handy card that explains a little bit about each item in the box!


Here, my box is opened, but untouched.


All of this month’s items!


Denik Silver Eyes Notebook – VALUE $9.99

This is definitely one of the coolest items Goddess Provisions has ever sent.  I’m always writing something down or doodling.  And this is by far the raddest notebook I’ve ever owned.  I’m super excited to find out about this shop.  All of their stuff is dope!  Okay, so this thing is a 5.25″ x 8.25″ softcover notebook.  It has 75 sheets which comes out to 150 pages.  On the website you can choose betwwen ‘Lined’ or ‘Blank’ pages and I received Lined pages.

Dalmatian Jasper Stone – VALUE $4.95

This stone is supposed to help you get out of your head and into your body.  Goddess Provisions suggests Meditating with this crystal to help you see the big picture so you can plan your next moves with care and a sense of playfulness.


Numi Organic Tea Vision Herbal Teasan – VALUE $7.99

I love seeing tea in my boxes!  I’m trying to drink water exclusively, so I was very happy to see this tea that I was able to drink for “reviewing purposes”. =]  This tea has a suppppper strong aroma.  I could smell the ginger and spearment flavors from every room in my house. I was surprised by how well the strong flavors of this tea brewed together to create something so smooth.  I personally thought this tasted much more soothing than it smelled.


I am always so surprised when I open up my Goddess Provisions Box and find makeup! And check out that packaging, I mean come onnnnn, SO freakin’ cute! It’s like it was made for this box. And let me tell you, this product was made for me.  I have the worst dark circles under my eyes.  I have only used beige concealers, so I was super pumped to try the peach and purple.  The formula is creamy and the shades work well with my light skin tone.

The Hippie Homesteader MOTIVATE Serum – VALUE $10

This MOTIVATE essential oil blend consists of lime, rosemary, pine needle, and peppermint oils.  It is also mixed with fractionated coconut oil and avocado oil to give you silky soft moisturized skin.  I used this on a night when I was feeling particularly lackadaisical, and I tell ya what, I ended up cleaning my vanity AND doing laundry.  I’m calling this one a win.  I’m going to dab this on a few pressure points before I go to the gym tonight.


Addictive Wellness FOCUS Raw Chocolate – VALUE $7.75

Yum!  I was a little skeptical of this sugar-free raw chocolate, but, it was quite delicious!  I am staying away from sugar at the moment (which is SO hard for me to do), and this was the perfect bite of decadence that I needed to power through my night.


Goddess Provisions Raise Your Vibration Mason Jar – VALUE $5

Oh my woah, this is badass.  I absolutely love that they gave us this mason jar!  They actually gave us a matching “Raise Your Vibration” sticker several months ago.  I made a custom X-Box Skin with it.  So I am very pleased to have this matching Jar.  Right now, it’s holding my loose change, but I believe I will find a better purpose for it.  I think it would be pretty useful for holding some of my makeup brushes!


(From top to bottom)
Pacifica Correcting Cream in:


Color Correction – Pacifica Color Correcting Cream Palette


overall value: $59.68
OVerall verdict: the value was there and the products were on point and even went well With the ‘Creative Vision’ theme. i have and will continue to use everything that was in this box. goddess provisions is something i always look forward to and this month was no exception.

What did you think about the January 2018 Goddess Provisions “Creative Vision” box?
let me know in the comments below!

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