Goddess Provisions Subscription Box Review: September 2017

Goddess Provisions is a monthly “good vibes” style box.  Each month they send a mix of crystals, aromatherapy, superfoods, and beauty & spiritual tools to help keep you balanced and focused on life’s journey.

cost – $33/Month

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Goddess Provisions also provides several boxes available for purchase without a subscription. See those here.

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Goddess Provisions always provides us with this handy card that explains a little bit about each item in the box!


Here, my box is opened, but untouched.


All of this month’s items!


Trillium cedar eucalyptus organic body polish – VALUE $12

I used this scrub in my shower today and, oh my goodness, my skin feels SO amazing! Seriously, I’ve used other salt scrubs that I didn’t find as pleasant, so believe me when I say that this stuff is the truth! My skin feels so soft and it even has a nice subtle glow.
As soon as I got in the shower, I got my skin wet and rubbed a generous amount of the scrub from my shoulders all the way down to my ankles. Then I rinsed the scrub away with warm water and continued with my usual shower regimen. Oh, and it smelled pretty strong of eucalyptus! Which is great for me, I’m a-okay with eucalyptus because I relate it to a very ‘calming’ smell. The smell did fade after I rinsed the scrub off and I couldn’t smell it at all after my shower.

eucalyptus essential oil – VALUE $7 (Amazon price)

If you’re considering buying a diffuser and essential oils, I strongly encourage you to make the jump and dive right in. I’ve been diffusing oils in my home for almost two years now and I have nothing negative to say about it! Well, maybe it’s a little too addictive, but oh well! This eucalyptus oil is top notch. I already have this scent from another brand, that being said, I feel like this is one of the oils that I could never have TOO much of. It’s that great.


element botanicals Palo santo & pine resin wildwood natural incense cones – VALUe $9 (element botanicals Website price)

I love incense, but for some reason I always grab sticks instead of cones. But y’all, this incense is life! I have, within the past few months, really gotten into palo santo. So these cones were welcomed with open arms. Palo santo is a strong woodsy earthy scent, so that mixed with pine really ties well into this month’s theme.

blue sage smudge bundle – VALUE $5 (Linked the closest i saw on amazon)

This was actually the first sage smudge I had ever done. And boy, was it needed. Sage is a beautiful thing. You use it to clear negativity and refresh your sacredness space with pure protective energy.


wanderluxe crescent moon wall hanging – VALUE $15 (I could not find this exact item on their website)

How cute is this? The crescent moon holds a special place in my heart, so I was thrilled to see this in my box. Now, to figure out where I’m going to put it. The included card says to “hang it on your wall to bring balance and abundance to your home or office.” So maybe the home office?

Brie McKay “Good Vibes” Sage Pin – VALUE $10

Alright, a pin to add to the collection! I love it, this “Good Vibes” pin brings me just that.


laser trees Nine Sided Lotus Fractal Hardwood Keychain – VALUE $7

This keychain is so beautiful! It went on my keys immediately. Sacred geometry is utterly fascinating and I’m just waiting for the moment someone asks me about my keychain so we can talk about it. This is made from a cherry tree, which is known to promote stability & enhance focus. I’m happy to carry this around with me everywhere I go to encourage that.

Moss Agate – VALUE $4

I know in my picture this moss agate seems black, but it’s really a deep dark green! The card suggests that I place this crystal inside a potted plant to send good vibes to my green friends. And since I love my little plants, that is exactly what I did.

overall value: $69
OVerall verdict: the value was there and the products were on point and even went well With the ‘enchanted FORest’ theme. i have and will continue to use everything that was in this box. goddess provisions is something i always look forward to and this month was no exception.

What did you think about the September 2017 Goddess Provisions “Enchanted forest” box?
let me know in the comments below!


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